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About Me



I am Swetha Ainampudi, Ashwa’s mom. Here is the story of how Ashwas India Kitchen was started.

Being born and raised in India, I was not alien to the sad life stray dogs in India endure. I was always told to stay away from them as they may carry diseases or hurt. However, it was not until I moved to US in 2010 and met my sisters dog Chethu, that I realized how pure and loving dogs are. I now have a beagle baby named Ashwa (hence Ashwas Indian Kitchen). Since I adopted Ashwa, I started looking into things I can do help dogs back home especially the injured ones. I work full time as a Sr. Scientist and have taken up a part time as dog sitter and send every penny I earned to Stray Animal Foundation of India, which is an amazing
organization with which I work very closely.

There is still so much more to do for their welfare. That’s when I decided how about I open up a food stand (I have always received good feedback about my cooking). My husband Murali has been a pillar of support throughout this entire process. He spends as much time if not more to make sure we do everything is done right. We couldn’t have asked for a better place than Phoenixville Farmers Market to start our food stand. Very excited about this venture and hope you like home style Indian food I serve.

Swetha Ainampudi
March, 2021